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Being an Entrepreneur is the American Dream, working 80-hour weeks for yourself so you can avoid working 40-hour weeks for someone else.

That might sound crazy to some, but this has been part of my life since my college days.

For me thinking about different ways to create something, or a way to deliver a needed service to the public has been pulsing through my veins since the early nineteen nineties.

Back then, there were no college courses on business development or entrepreneurship.

I remember buying Entrepreneur Magazine StartUp Guides to learn business strategies on my own, alongside my college courses. Back then, there were no online courses, instead, these consisted of multiple two-inch binders packed with information. I enjoyed the ‘learn then execute’ model!

Fast forward to present day, being married with two boys and a dog, along with responsibilities in multiple businesses. Most days are not long enough, and some days I miss out on things. I would not change one thing!

Some people talk about work-life balance. I think those are the people that work 9-5 for someone else. For me, and for most entrepreneurs, I know there is no balance. There is a compromise; There are advantages; There are disadvantages; There are opportunities missed; There are opportunities realized, but most of all there is adaptation to life. I would not change one thing!

Just this week, at Brogan’s school he was one of 20 kids presenting in front of the school. I was there. Also, this week, Brogan’s class went on a field trip. I was there. Because of this and other factors, I was at my office at 5 AM most of this week and I was also leaving my office after 8 PM every night. I would not change one thing!

There are always ups and downs owning businesses; cash flow issues, broken equipment, negotiation stales, sales cycles, etc. For me, the highs far outweigh the lows. I would not change one thing!

Being married to a wife with her own career while being an Entrepreneur, has many challenges. Having kids that are very active in school and sports, has many challenges. Some things can be delegated, and some things can’t. My support from home is essential to my success. I would not change one thing!

So for me, there is NO work-life balance, instead, there is an ability to adapt.

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