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Thanks for the great feedback on my post yesterday both on and offline. I truly appreciate people taking the time to read my ramblings and then respond in kind.
Today, I’m going to continue the conversation from
When I stated, “I am the best person I can be today” … this is based on everything that has happened to me up until today. So what about tomorrow, next month or next year. Growth!
Would you be happy in 12 months, if you are the exact carbon copy of today? The same place in your mind, body, relationships, and in your business?
For me, I know I wouldn’t.
Do you remember the movie Ground Hogs Day with Bill Murray as Phil Connors?
When Phil woke up and realized the day was a do-over… What did he do? At first, he just relived the day the same.
…still Feb 2nd
Until he realized that he had been stuck in a rut in life and the this was his chance to course correct. He began to learn new skills, and when he realized he could learn a little bit every re-day until he eventually mastered that particular skill. He proceeded to add additional skills, and FEELINGS. He started to grow as a person.
…now after lots of growth, Feb 3rd finally happens
Well, we are not so lucky as to get to hit pause on our lives to catch up to the MANDATORY Growth needed to live a beautiful life.
We need to do it on a daily basis. Incremental Growth.
Today a Friend, Ryan Sloper, wrote
Go here watch this interview with Ed Mylett and Tom Bilyeu:
It’s 42 minutes and 17 seconds long. Stop what you are doing and just watch.
And instead of me telling you what my take away(s) are I would really love if you could tell me yours?
Because I know that Ryan and I have the same thoughts about business and relationships. I jumped over to watch this episode of Impact Theory.
WOW, there are some great nuggets in here.
In this Mylett interview, states. “ I love who I am today, but if I look the same in a year… just put me in the ground. I have a lot to give to others in life and I’m not going to stop getting better than I am today to give back to others”
That is pretty powerful. He would rather Die than to get better on a daily/monthly/yearly basis!
What would your life look like if you made deliberate daily actions to be a better version of yourself?
You don’t need to go crazy on day one, that leads to burn out.
Start a new habit…or… a new skill… or just reflect on your gratitude’s.
Then you can look back in a year, and see YOUR skill stack, YOUR Habit Stack, and YOUR Gratitude Stack.
There is no shortcut and it is not easy. Daily Deliberate Action will take work…I think its worth it!
Over the past 18 months, I have been recording a podcast, interviewing local businesses, learning their origin stories, along with success and failures along the way.
TTAG has had great success in helping small businesses spread their message, sometimes our name was limiting. We have always reached much further than the Tri Town area. And we have always been more than advice. Sometimes people just want to hear the success stories of local region residents.
With that in mind, we are in the process of rebranding and relaunching the platform. Tri Town Advice Givers® is now becoming Ask NWI®.
Much more than a name change, while we are keeping the same overall objective to interview local businesses, thought leaders and non-profits that are making a difference in the region. We will be adding some dimensions, including video, other hosts, and more region interaction in the process.
I’m very excited for Version 2.0 and the future of Ask NWI® is up and most of the content has been switched. Check it out.
How about you, What can you do today to make a better YOU or a better business for tomorrow?
PS. Day 2, Week 1 of my 8 week pull up challenge. My arms are a bit sore, but I will prevail…and maybe do an extra set today
#IODCommitted #IODAskNWI

Perfunctory Praise…

Silent Growth.

New Normal

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