Snooze wins Sometimes

I talk often about doing my morning routine that starts around 3:30 AM.

Last week, I could not get motivated. Sleep and Snooze got the best of me.

It started Sunday the 3rd last week. I was at work until about 10PM.

Then Monday I intentionally set my alarm for 4:45 instead of 3:30, so I could jump out of bed to get Brogan to School.

Monday the 4th was our First quarter ImpactClub meeting which always turns into a late night from the rush of adrenaline I get when our group selflessly gives its time, attention and donation to a deserving charity.

So again Tuesday, I intentionally set a later alarm.

Tuesday dragged on, and I ended up working late again.

Wednesday, late alarm!

Another late night at the hockey rink

Thursday, late alarm!

Another full day, Final touches and Picture day on our Highland Rehab.

Friday AM, I had set my alarm to get up at my regular 3:30 time. I blasted right through it and barely made it up for the drive to school.

Now, 5 days with very limited workouts, no meditation or yoga. I can feel it! Almost felt like I was getting sick. My body was drained.

Monday the 11th, with every intention to get up at my regular time… I set my alarm at 3:30 AM.

The alarm starts going off, and I Hit snooze.

OH crap… I cannot let this slip. 1 week, was way too much.

I finally tell myself enough, Get you’re a** out of bed. Put in the work, if you want the results. Post workout, I felt great… why did I put it off last week?

Temporary setbacks are part of the struggle. With no struggle, there is no progress. I’m currently reading a book “Unfu*k Yourself” The author Gary Bishop talks about the notion of “Are you Willing” vs “Are you Unwilling”

Are you willing to put in the work or are you unwilling to settle for the consequences from the lack of work?

For me, I would say the later. The work doesn’t always excite me, but it far outweighs the consequences.

Which Camp Do You Fall in?

Snooze wins sometimes!I talk often about doing my morning routine that starts around 3:30 AM. Last week, I could not…

Posted by Mark Borst on Monday, March 11, 2019

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