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In the current climate of ridiculousness, some things are not normal, there are workarounds that can be adapted to accommodate the situation. Although the decision was finalized a couple weeks back, Today Xandru made it official…. Via a Zoom signing day.

Xandru had a tough decision… He had acceptance letters from some of the top Engineering Schools in the Country including Purdue, North Carolina State, and University of Minnesota all with Direct Admin into the College of Engineering at each of them.

Even with the choices presented to him, there was also a very unique opportunity given to him… from a small school in Illinois about three and a half hours from home. This choice will give him a few additional opportunities over the next four years.

The first opportunity that he has worked hard to achieve is the chance to play college lacrosse. Xandru fell in love with the sport back in 2013 and dove in learning the mental aspects of the game while honing his skills with a six-foot dagger in his hands. Over the years he has had many coaches and mentors to thank… but the East Ave Lacrosse during summer, fall, and winter seasons is where he developed into the player that has given him this opportunity. He will have to work harder than he has to date, but I believe he is up to the challenge.

The Second unique opportunity comes from the Engineering Department which is a relatively new program that has a sound curriculum but the flexibility to adjust and develop to the changing models and industry demands for the future of engineering. Xandru and I met with the department head and Xandru is very excited to be part of the shaping of the program for future engineers.

I have a unique perspective and relationship with the idea of attending college in 2020… It is what you make of it and should not be considered mandatory of absolute for anyone. Having the opportunity to play college sports to further develop those leadership qualities while learning a discipline where education is mandatory, In my opinion, will make Xandru a stronger human that will be harder to kill both mentally and physically with an open-ended upside.

Xandru will be attending Monmouth College in the fall of 2020!

Lisa Borst and I are so proud of Xandru Borst for everything he has accomplished so far in life, and also extremely excited to see how he bridges these skills into his future endeavors and achievements.

In the current climate of ridiculousness, some things are not normal, there are workarounds that can be adapted to…

Posted by Mark Borst on Thursday, May 7, 2020

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