Opportunity Vs Luck

Have you ever heard someone say “He was lucky to fall into that” about other people’s wealth or success?

Have you ever said the same thing about other people?

How about telling this to others about your own success?

Growing up, school came easy for me… Until college. Why? Looking back, it was because I never had an opportunity to learn how to learn. 4 years of college taught me… well, not much to be honest. I learned most of my life lessons in the real world based on the morals and attibutes i was raised on.

Turning 21 in October adding going to the bars as a social outlet was expensive!

I had to get a JOB if I wanted to hang out with friends in the college bars.

A friend was working at a job he described as “easiest money you will ever make” … He was a student manager of a local restaurant. I started before Halloween.

By the time Christmas Break started, this friend didn’t work there anymore… because of me.

Around Valentines Day, neither did any of the other managers from the day I started.

And by April Fool’s Day, I officially was a minority owner and operating partner in the company that owned the restaurant!

When people asked me how I ended up owning a company at such a young age, and I often would tell them that I got ‘lucky.’


There were two reasons I CREATED that opportunity.

MY Integrity

MY Hardwork

Let me take a short dive into the integrity side of the equation. When I started at this restaurant it was a free-for-all… while it was a franchise with policies and procedures available, NONE were being followed or adhered to. With an Absentee owner that lived 45 minutes away, and management that WAS the problem created this free-for-all attitude and lack of integrity in the entire restaurant. Only working there, a very short time, the chaos and lack of work ethic threw me over the edge.

While most college students, hell most people, would have walked out the door and never looked back. Yet something kept me there, other than the VITO sandwich! The first thing I did was make myself accountable to the systems that were available but not being utilized. Not 100% at first but it was a start.

My first quest was to curb the fact that more free things were going out than being rung through the register. This was hard since I officially had very little authority, but ever shift I worked I made the effort to call people out including my “friend” that told me about the job for taking free food. Eventually, a few of the chief contributors quit because I broke them down and made them feel bad.

My Second quest was to stop people from fraudulently stealing money from the register. It was a long complicated process in which took me a lot of hours of reviewing register tape to prove and pinpoint the main culprit… Another manager.

Once I cut the head off the snake, I called an all store meeting, which was 99% college students, mainly to show that the new leadership was going to bring the integrity of the store back for something for all of us to be proud of. Some of Those first employees that were with me that night became some of my closest allies because I laid it out with integrity and told them the truth of what was happening.

Leadership starts at the top, integrity starts at the top.

So, Luck really had nothing to do my success at Jimmy Johns. I was putting in 50-60 hours a week, do the right thing. I was soon rewarded with an ownership stake in the franchise company.

I was in the ownership group for less than 5 years. I took the original store I started at from worst to first and added two additional stores in town. I was named the franchisee of the year for two consecutive years and would have been three if we hadn’t sold.

Why aren’t we proud of our success? As a friend of mine says “I built this mother f___er”

When we create our opportunities, it is OK to be proud of your successes.

Recently my phone rang… a friend calling to say “Your name came up”

OK, I’ll bite… In reference to what?

Running for office in Schererville.

OK??? What office?

Clerk-Treasurer, the sitting official is retiring after her 24th year and the town needs someone that has strong business skills and the right attitude to fill the position.

Shortly after that phone call, a few more texts and phone calls from other people with a similar tone and enthusiasm for me running a campaign.

Over the past several weeks, I have been a part of multiple meetings and phone calls in conversations with a lot of different people.

I have lived in Schererville going on 19 years and been in the same house for 16+ years. Schererville is the only Indiana Town I have called home. I would be remiss to say that Schererville owes me anything. In fact, I feel the need and desire to give back to the community that my family has grown up in.

A few weeks ago, this was not even on my radar, Elected official?

So, yes I would like to officially announce that I will be running in the Schererville Clerk-Treasurer 2019 Election.

Over the weeks and months leading up to the election, I will continue to explain my methodology in how I have run businesses over the years and how I can directly tie that back into giving back to the financial management of the Town of Schererville.

Please join me at my Kick-Off event on March 18th at Ciao Bella from 6-8.30PM

Opportunity Vs Luck.Have you ever heard someone say “He was lucky to fall into that” about other people’s wealth or…

Posted by Mark Borst on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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