Numbers – What do they mean?

Back to my earliest memories, I have been a ‘numbers’ person.

Math Clicks in my head!

Growing up I remember people, both teachers, and other adults, saying
“some people are math people and some people are creative”

And since I knew that math came very easy to me, that I MUST be a math person and NOT creative… We can deep dive into that therapy later, LOL

I just finished my workout for the day, and as a leader in our group, we do ‘extra’ burpees for every member that quit, dropped out, or is disqualified for not follow the guidelines.

For those of you that do not know what a burpee is… It is a full-body movement starting from your feet, jump down to your belly catching your self with your hands, then push off from your hands into a squat position, then spring up, hop and clap your hands overhead (*there are other versions, but this is the one we use)

I have a love – HATE relationship with the burpee.

The Hate comes from the physically exhausting full-body movement in rapid succession.
The Love comes from the total body workout in a relatively short time each day, that you can drop down and do them anywhere.

Every day while I am doing them, I start calculating…

What percent is completed of my set or my total number for the day?
… aNd At EvErY rEp
I recalculate quickly…

I’m not sure if it is to ease the mind, or just preoccupy the mind.

One day last week I only had 10 to do and I knocked them out very quickly, so I immediately started calculating the per burpee time.

On that particular day, I average 3.6 seconds per burpee…

HOW can I dislike something that takes a measly 4 seconds… or even 6 seconds.

Numbers don’t lie!

Over the past few months, I have lost at least 40 lbs, gained 15 pounds of lean muscle, feel better than I have in 30 years… although I do more than just burpees (those are really at a minimum) breaking things down to numbers helps me gain a new perspective on the calculated results we desire.

Even though I may groan through every rep, I do them knowing they are building a stronger human both mentally and physically!

As we wind down another month on the calendar, we are getting ready to welcome in a new group of people into GRIT, the community-based workout platform that is transforming lives across the world.

Again, They are offering the FREE month as an introduction into the community.

Come check out why there is an 85%+ completion rate every month.

About 20 mins or 1.38% of the day and the results speak for themselves!

I guess that is what numbers mean to me!

Numbers – what do they mean? Back to my earliest memories, I have been a 'numbers' person. Math Clicks in my…

Posted by StoryAthlete Project on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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