My Mind. My Body. My Reality.

Are we born with it? Or developed by our surrounds? Can it Change?

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this recently.

I am currently involved in a month-long writing “challenge” to strengthen my Mind – Body – Business – Relationships through writing. I’m currently two weeks in and I have only accomplished 3 of the first 10 tasks. In addition, I went 0 for 3 on the prescribed physical workouts! Not acceptable!

Funny thing is our minds are a f’d up thing. I know I need to do these tasks to get better at something I want. This isn’t for someone else… It for me. Yet, why is OK to let me down like that.

But I have…

And NO Time…

And other Responsibilities…

These are all just excuses.

The workouts called ‘12 minutes of death’ were something I hadn’t experience or even watched someone else experience. But, maybe because of the name, or maybe because friends in this challenge said it was a struggle, I felt great apprehension in doing it.

By no means am I ‘in-shape’ but at the same time, I do ‘active’ things every morning.

Our trainer CJ, has recorded the video, runs the timer and explains the variations based on abilities… All I have to do is press play and do the work.

540 seconds of work 165 seconds of rest. 45/15 – 12x

In my mind, I was thinking… This is hard, and I don’t feel like it, and I can do it later…

Screw it, I’m just going to get it done.

My First 12 minutes of death. Yes, I made it. I didn’t collapse!

Actually, I felt great after. I wouldn’t say it was easy. But doable.

Why do we build things up in our minds? The delay is always worse the actions. The buildup. The cycling in our own minds. Heart racing.

What if This… What if That…

Over the past couple of months, I have heard a ton of interviews with David Goggins talk about his book Can’t hurt me. I also heard Goggins say in one of the interviews, even if you have read the book, the audiobook is worth the 13 hours it takes to listen. I finally got around to downloading the audiobook. I’m only 3 chapters in so far…. But WOW.

The subheading of the book is Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.

Taking control of My Mind. My Body. My Reality. Can only be done by the person staring at me in the mirror!

From March 18th until March 31st I will be going 10 for 10 tasks with 4 works outs completed (I may go grab the first 3 12’ of deaths and add those in too).

When you stare into the mirror… What can accomplish today by mastering your own mind?

My Mind. My Body. My Reality.Are we born with it? Or developed by our surrounds? Can it Change?I have been spending…

Posted by Mark Borst on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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