Learning vs Education…

I’m not shy about speaking about the education system, which was developed for the industrial revolution.

Bell rings, kids sit! 
Teacher talks, kids listen! 
Bell rings, kids move! 
Repeated 7-8 times a day!

Planned objectives built by one induvial, to satisfy government objectives, presented to 20-40 individuals simultaneously with the expectation of uniform compliance in a limited amount of time!

STOP!! Go back and read that last sentence out loud. Does it make sense in your head??

Undoubtedly there are exceptions to the rule… but near and far this is the reality of schools in America still in 2019.

And I don’t blame teachers or administrators. Groupthink has made us stuck in our ways.

Think about this… When most of were kids it was beaten into our heads, NEVER get in a car with a stranger… People died!

In 2009, a group of individuals had an idea that strangers could drive each other around cities.

And as of Jan of 2019, approximately 40% of Americans have used this type of service as a form of transportation with the majority using these services daily.

…. So who will be the first person/group to cause a MAJOR disruption in learning?

I know there are people working on it. I know there are early adopters already testing.

Until we can figure out that learning and education are NOT the same things, the thought of change is extremely hard for most!

… So based on societal norms in 2019, I’ll just leave my yearly first day of school pics here and know they will learn something new every day

Lisa – First-day teaching as a Full-Time Professor at Indiana University Northwest Dental Education Program

Xandru – First day of Senior year at Mount Carmel.

Brogan – First day (last Monday) at Bridgedale Academy

Learning vs Education…I’m not shy about speaking about the education system, which was developed for the industrial…

Posted by Mark Borst on Monday, August 26, 2019

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