I’m not above…

A couple years ago, a friend wrote an article about shopping carts and parking lots.
He went on talking about sitting in his car about halfway down the isles from the cart return. He described watching as people wheeled out the carts to their car, removing items and then what they actually did with their carts…
And what he observed, hit home.
The more expensive the car the more likely they just tucked their carts in between cars or literally just left them in the empty spot next to them even with the return only 5-6 car widths away.
But the drivers of more common cars, by and large, would walk their carts to the cart return, usually within the same 5-6 cars widths away.
He also observed that the younger the people the more likely to NOT walk the 5-6 car widths to return their carts, yet older people that had a hard time moving faster than a shuffle were sure to return their carts.
As I was reading what he was writing, it bothered me.
…because I was guilty of this.
Costco, pretty much the only place I shop, If I didn’t park NEXT to the cart return, I would tend to push the cart in front of my car onto the grass.
In my head, I would justify this “they pay people to do this”
What an asshole I was…
Honestly, I would never have equated leaving my shopping cart to being “better” than others…
But I came to the realization, if I wanted to live in a better world that I needed to do everything in my power to project to the world that I’m willing to do my part.
When Travis wrote that post, he had no idea that it would strike a chord with me. He was just making an observation. And in turn, he changed my behavior.
Writing has historically been a choir that I did not enjoy.
I often told myself the story that I was not good at it.
That I am a Math/Science person and being creative was not in my DNA.
What I have discovered is that my skills in writing, just like any other skills, take practice.
It takes repetition and struggle.
And with practice and the consistency of delivering to the world, that sometimes what I write strikes a chord with someone that reads it.
Just like Travis wrote that article for himself, he changed a behavior in me for the better of mankind.
I have realized the things I share and write have touched other people in ways I never have imagined.
So, whether you realize it or not, being able to communicate through the written word can change the world one person at a time.
Write, Publish, Inspire.

I’m not above… A couple years ago, a friend wrote an article about shopping carts and parking lots. He went on…

Posted by Mark Borst on Friday, September 20, 2019

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