I’ll do it…later?

I hear that from my kids constantly, and it drives me nuts!

Why can’t they just do what I ask, when I ask?

… unfortunately, I suffer from the same phenomenon. PROCRASTINATION

I have spent a lot of time looking inward trying to ‘fix’ this. Telling them and telling myself doesn’t seem to do the trick. I have read multiple books on habits… tons of insight and some progress, but I still find myself slipping into the procrastination mindset.

One thing I have begun to realize is that procrastination is a symptom NOT the root cause.

In this recent journey I have set out on… to become my heroic self, I have come to realize that fear may be one of the root causes.

Fear of the unknown…

Fear of the what if…

My heroic self has started to really focus on my health and physical fitness. And the more I read and study this the more I come to the conclusion that our body is strong (as long as we keep it that way) but our MIND is weak and tells us we are:

Too out of shape…

Too old…

Too fat…

Too lazy…

Too afraid…

In the book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, he states his belief is that when your mind wants to give up, your body usually has 60% more left in the tank… 60% LEFT to give!

What if I would have paid more attention to my eating habits, and exercise habits… in 2009?

Not let me lessor-self win with excuses?

There is a saying ‘the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago… and the 2nd best time is today’

For the month of September, I joined a 100-burpee challenge… EACH day 100 burpee, strict form.

A couple days in, I’m realizing… Yes, I’m out of breath after 10… but YES, I can push thru. About 15 min of sucking a lot of wind.

More than the physical benefits I will gain, the real test is the mental part.

Teaching my heroic-self to defeat the lessor-self.

If I can defeat my mind in one area of my life, I can then transition to the rest of who I want to become!

Challenge Accepted…

The Alter Ego…

New Normal

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