Get out of your Own Head…

In the business World, this phrase is said a lot. But what does it really mean?

In 2018, data overload happens daily to all people. There are so many different channels of communication right in our pockets.

And the barrier to enter the data world as ‘provider” of information, is none.

For me, I have found ways to tune out a lot of the garbage, yet the data overload is still all too real. I’m on email lists of people I respect and admire, but even those emails some days are too much for me to consume.

The ability to cut through the noise of data, to find the best use of time, is a daily struggle for me and I assume a lot of us.

About 1.5 years ago I began a journey to learn to quiet my mind, through Meditation.

When I first starting investigating meditation, my mindset was “I’m so busy now, how can I stop what I’m doing for 10-15 min”

The truth behind mediation, for me, is that those fifteen minutes has afforded me to think bigger, react to opportunities quicker and become more centered in my interactions with others.

Back in Episode 27 of Tri Town Advice Givers, I interviewed Gloria Morris of Float Sixty Northwest Indiana. And we talked about being a busy Entrepreneur, it is even more important to take time for yourself, to recharge, to get back to the basics. The impact of that 1 hour of floating in water was the impetus of the brand she launched to help people to relax and ‘get out of their own head’

A couple weeks ago, I was able to experience Float Sixty Northwest Indiana for myself. What a great tool, that should be included in every person’s routine.

The calm of laying in a dark, quiet place for 60 minutes. I was able to meditate and relax almost to a slumber. But after that hour, I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the world. The experience is hard to verbalize but well worth the time I took for myself that day

So my advice to everyone, when you think to yourself I don’t have time to do something – you just found the best time to stop and take five or ten minutes to ‘get out of your own head’

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