Perfection awaits…

There are two types of people in the universe.People that wait until everything is perfect before they decide to take action.andPeople that decide take action and strive for perfection.I don’t know which type of person is right, but I do know which person is more

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Out of my Control…

Since I have been 21 years old, I have owned/operated multiple businesses, starting in the restaurant business, then transitioning over to real estate. Over these past 25 years, there is one constant. CHANGE And the one constant about change that is true, most times the

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The word has many meanings depending on the topic. Generically defined as ‘To have a strong effect on someone or something.’ Impact can be either Negative or Positive. Being impactful may mean you have a relationship with an individual or organization. Impact can be intentional

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Success matters…

With Xandru starting his senior year in high school, we have been spending a ton of time talking about thinking about and visiting colleges. Xandru took his ACT sometime last year. His score was in the top 1% of test-takers… So he gets a mountain

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Us vs Them…

Growing up competing at a high level in team sports. I had a simple philosophy towards my opponents. From the first whistle to the last, I was going to rip your head off… And after the game. I would gladly shake your hand and tell

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