New Normal

The ‘NEW NORMAL’ and ‘UNPRECEDENTED TIMES’ … I Can’t Stand these two expressions that have become part of some people’s everyday language.

Are you pining to go back to the ‘old normal’?… 


Would You Rather Experience A New Future? 

Even if you did not get laid off during the past 3 months… you still had more downtime, more time at home.

What did you do with it?

Did you come to the realization that ‘the way it has always been done’ is not a great benchmark for the future? Or for growth?

Did you learn the importance of your health…

Your Mental Health

Your Physical Health

Your Spiritual Health

Your Financial Health

And the importance of your relationships…

Your Relationship with Yourself

Your Relationship with Family

Your Relationship with Food

Your Relationship with Friends

We have an opportunity here to hit the RESET button.

A Few Things I Vow to do to Create the Future I want…

I will Become mentally stronger

I will Become physically stronger

I will Become a better thought Leader

I will Become more financially secure

I will Become a shining light for those that need it most. 

Instead of this new normal, or going back to the ‘old normal’…

Use this RESET and Go create a Future that works for YOU!

What things are you wanting to change?

The 'NEW NORMAL' and 'UNPRECEDENTED TIMES' … I Can't Stand these two expressions that have become part of some…

Posted by Mark Borst on Monday, June 8, 2020

Learning vs Education…

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Finding your Spark!

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