I See Inconvenience as Adventure…

We can plan for the best-case scenario or we can plan for the not so best-case scenario… But chances are, neither will be foolproof. And when things do not go as planned do you throw your hands up and quit, or do you put your big girl pants on and handle the inconvenience in stride?

Well, aren’t we all in one big inconvenience at the moment? Ninety days ago, nobody could have imagined the current situation!

Yet the adventure must go on, one way or another. So, what are you doing with yours?

Over the years, going from 20+ employees to a few, I have amassed a whole lot of crap, from computers no longer used, to office supplies, to small office equipment, to cameras, and GPSs, among other things…

Last summer I suggested to my boys to start going through all of the bins and start selling. They told me that is was all worthless! And as I told them, yes some of it may be, but there is money sitting there…

Quarantine Brogan has seen more time than usual playing online games and he now decided he wants to build a computer that he can play games on… I guess Xbox is no longer enough, IDK?

He has done all kinds of research, done comparison shopping, read forums on how to build a computer, read all the reviews of which products work the best for gaming, etc, etc.

The first thing he concluded… some of the pro’s selling their wares are overselling and under-delivering. The second realization was that he was not going to be able to afford that ‘best’ available product… So he did more research and figured out how to buy parts now that would not only build the MVP (minimum viable product) but also be able to work with upgraded parts in 6, 9, 12 months if he decides to upgrade.

The problem he discovered is that he did not have enough money to buy all the necessary parts to build even the MVP computer that would facilitate his game playing.

Last Saturday he talked two neighbors into grass cuts and some power washing, but he was still short money.

So, again I suggested go through the bins and start earning some money from selling this stuff. The deal was, 50% of all sales go to whoever does the work to sell it. Brogan reluctantly started, moaning and groaning along the way. The First day he posted 6-8 items on eBay.

The first night we got a notification of a SOLD item…

Well before we ever saw the first email, CANCELED… oh well!

A few days later we get two sales. As Brogan is handling the processing and shipping, I hear him groan…

Him – I messed UP!

Me – What happened

Him – I marked the wrong shipping checkbox

Me – are we paying to ‘sell’ the item

Him – No, we will make $0.30 after we ship IT!

We can check that off… FIRST BUSINESS STUMBLE, ‘we must pay attention to details to get the results desired’

This failure is the first of many he will have over his entrepreneurial lifetime.

And his reaction was that of a pro, a few grumbles under his breath, and he went back to the task at hand, selling this STUFF.

We had a quick laugh about it, and he quickly went through the rest of the items that were listed for sale to make sure the correct shipping info was checked…

But as he got the taste of those first two sales, he started posting more things. And he commented, maybe people do want this stuff!

Then two more sales overnight again, and another one this afternoon.

…And just like that Brogan is getting a crash course in Business 101, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Pricing, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Development, Supply and Demand

The inconvenience of the current situation is turning into an adventure and Business 101 for my 13-year-old.

I See Inconvenience as Adventure…We can plan for the best-case scenario or we can plan for the not so best-case…

Posted by Mark Borst on Friday, May 8, 2020

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