The Right Time…

About three years ago I joined a mastermind (or something… it has never been clearly defined)

I found this group of misfits when I was searching for a better way to sell real estate. After jumping through some hoops and consuming tons of content. I got to have a 1-1 phone conference to see if I would be a good fit. Ryan, leader of misfits, made one promise as his final push for the close.

‘This will be the hardest f’n thing you have ever been a part of!… Are you in or are you out?’

Never to back down from a challenge, I said, Hell Yes, I’m all in.

…with no idea what I was getting myself into.

The group was mainly virtual, meeting once a week on zoom, with a community bulletin board with information and content scattered all over the place.

About two months into being a part of this group, there was a ‘live event’ scheduled in Vegas. After I agreed to attend, I was told.

“…Oh Yeh, you might not get a bed, so bring a sleeping bag and pillow.” WOW, OK?

Not knowing what to expect, I did attend that event…

And I feel in love with this group of people. Everyone was warm, welcoming, and open to sharing…

…crazy part of all of it. We spent very little time talking about real estate.

I am still apart of this group today.

Frustrated with my business growth, a few months ago I started to question my role in the group, question the amount of time and money I was spending on this and trying to figure out if I could quantify the results.

I did have results, but were they a direct correlation to me being a part of this group?

I did a lot of soul searching… and realized that even though I had certain expectations of my desired results, I soon came to the conclusion that my results were a direct correlation to MY input.

While I was putting forth some effort, maybe 75-80%, I was still expecting the full 100% of the results.

So… I started looking at my trajectory from a ten-thousand-foot view instead of ground level.

And suddenly I realized the magnitude of the transformation that has taken place over the past three and half years inside this group, even though sometimes it has been slow and at times stagnant… has been remarkable.

And when I look at my own business from three years ago, it too is unrecognizable today.

The vision of our group has never changed, although the road has had lots of twists and turns.

The vision of my business has never changed, but the path certainly has.

A decision was made.

I need to quit with the excuses and put 100% effort into MY development.

Not relying on it to come easy, but to seek out the hard things.

…To embrace the suck sometimes… because I’ve started to realize that on the other side of suck is success!

Can Developing the Mind, Body, Business and Relationships simultaneously catapult my results?

I truly got in on something great at the right time to see the magic that has been created by Ryan Fletcher and this open-source community.

Some call it a mastermind, some call it a tribe, but wholeheartedly I love these misfits like family!

The Right Time…About three years ago I joined a mastermind (or something… it has never been clearly defined)I found…

Posted by Mark Borst on Saturday, September 7, 2019

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