The Concept is Simple…

The idea that everyone says, “WOW, That’s Awesome!”

The Follow Through… Abysmal at times.

Four times a year, I invite hundreds of friends and acquaintances to come to a local brewery and have a drink or two ON ME… I even buy every member a t-shirt and an awesome looking membership card (membership does have its privileges).

…In exchange, each member throws in $100 for a charity that is doing good right in our back yard!

The concept… most people are not in a position to donate thousands of dollars to local charities, but collectively as a group, we CAN donate thousands of dollars. We have given nearly $40,000 to local charities in the last 24 months…

What if we could donate another $40,000+ in 2020 alone! That means we need to double our current membership!

Before I first launched ImpactClub in Northwest Indiana, I thought for sure I would have a minimum of 100 people that would gladly join such a unique concept to be able to give back to local charities.

Truth is we have struggled to maintain our near 50 members… And we are NEVER are able to collect 100% of pledged money. It is frustrating.

ImpactClub is a true passion project…
I receive NO salary, and I receive no humanitarian awards for organizing it.
Yet, I do get to see the JOY on the winner’s faces every three months, along with the words of gratitude not only from the winners but also the other charities that were able to share their message, their story.

So as we are approaching our first meeting in 2020 I beg and plead, I need your help!

We have about 6 weeks to rally the troops!

If you are already a member, thank you I truly appreciate you…

If you have thought about being a member, join now, you will not regret it…

If you read this far and have no idea what I’m talking about, stop by the next meeting as my guest and I’ll buy you a beer.

Resolutions are insightful, EXECUTION is meaningful!

Here is to growing ImpactClub Northwest Indiana to a minimum of 100 members and donating a minimum of $40,000 in 2020!

Ever member, once registered, gets their Welcome Package delivered to your door, so you can proudly wear your new t-shirt at the event. Register today

The Concept is Simple…The idea that everyone says, "WOW, That's Awesome!"The Follow Through… Abysmal at times….

Posted by Mark Borst on Thursday, January 16, 2020

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