Silent Growth.

Hey All, it has been a while since I posted on her on FB. Life happens, and Sometimes FB loses.

I just wanted to take a brief moment and talk about habit stacking again. As a reference, habit stacking is the act of putting any given action into a habit, once it is habit add another action as a habit and so forth.

Over the past 18+ months, I have been building, improving, modifying my morning routine.

With Brogan’s new school situation, I now get up about 3:45AM and we are out the door by 5:45 to make it to school on time.

Every day is not the same, but generally, it looks like. Mediate, Yoga, Weight Training, Bullet Proof Coffee, Reading, Cold Shower. The newest addition to this routine has been weight training.

Do you remember a while back I joined a 20 pull up challenge? I started with ZERO, and the goal within 8 weeks I would be able to do 20… I made it halfway. Eight Weeks, up to 10 pull-ups. One problem, my elbows were getting crushed. Sore for hours, if not days after my reps.

Determined not to just quit the challenge, I started asking people I knew, and reading up on the correlation between pull-ups and elbow pain… basically, I discovered the biggest culprit was because of a weak back which can be associated with weak core! Ok, so it makes sense. I haven’t done ANY weight training or specific regimen (other than yoga) for 25+ years. NOW WHAT!

After some research, this elbow pain is caused by a weak core/back… And I fell into an endless array of suggestions and ideas. I decided to try bench press and sit-ups MWF and seated Fly (or variation) and tricep curls TR using low to no weight and higher reps to strengthen my back.

The first week, Bar only 1 set 50 reps. Think I did 2 weeks like this. Then added 10 lbs, then 10 more. So now about 2 months in I told Xandru lets go downstairs I want you to spot me… I told him I haven’t put 2 plates on a bar since high school. I going to try, but I don’t want to kill myself, LOL.

So, I got the bench set up, the small weights off and the two 45 lb plates loaded up and ready to go. I was very intimidated! I can remember being in the high school locker room as a freshman, weighing maybe 140 lbs, and seeing kids my age pressing 135 lbs like it was nothing… at that time I had trouble with the bar only 1 rep…

I told Xandru, “man that looks heavy, I’m not sure I can do that yet. I’m going to just try 1 rep so be ready to grab the bar.” 135 lbs is much different than the 65lbs I had been lifting in the mornings.

I lay down, find my hand positions…

Take a Deep Breath…

And UP… Ok

Down to touch the Chest…

NOW push… oh man, that was easy!

OK, let’s do FIVE


I rack-it

After his set, I jump in and do another 5.

I don’t think I EVER did 10 reps of 135 even as a senior in high school when I was at my peak performance. Granted I was only 165 lbs the day I graduated, LOL

I start reflecting on the low weight, hi rep method. In building the correct techniques and movements, I was growing my overall body strength and definition, virtually silent.

This brought me back to the book I read last year the 1% rule by Tommy Baker. The idea that you don’t have to do anything significant overnight, but if you do a little bit today, and tomorrow and the next day… that your life will probably be 2X of what you thought to be significant in a years time.

So, if by accident I found that silent growth can work in fitness. What other Habits can I start to stack in other areas of my life, family, and business can this translate too.

…And Yes, I plan to go back to the Pull-up challenge this summer to knock out those 20 pull ups!

Silent Growth. Hey All, it has been a while since I posted on her on FB. Life happens, and Sometimes FB loses. I…

Posted by Mark Borst on Thursday, February 21, 2019

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