Perfection awaits…

There are two types of people in the universe.
People that wait until everything is perfect before they decide to take action.
People that decide take action and strive for perfection.
I don’t know which type of person is right, but I do know which person is more likely to be successful.
As young adults, we are told by people of authority, “wait until you are ready!’
This statement is repeated over and over again in all different scenarios and in reference to various parts of our life. 
I have always impatient and stubborn… 
But how does anyone know they are ‘READY’…
Is it some maturity level achievement?Is it financial stability?Is it emotional stability?
Because at 46, married with two boys, a house, a few vehicles, and many successes and failures over the years I’m still trying to figure out if I’m ready!
In our current situation on the world stage there seems to be this same dilemma.
Are we READY
One group of people thinks we, as a whole nation/world, need to wait until this virus has been eradicated… or controlled
Another group of people that, in the beginning, listened to the concerns of many to slow down and assess the reaction and medical handling of this virus. And now that we have witnessed that the perceived threat was worse than reality and the reaction has been swift and controlled by the medical community, that we should begin to ramp back up towards some sort of ‘normalcy’.
Which group is right?
I’m not here to sway your thoughts or opinions… I can tell you this:
There is no such thing as perfection!
And the right decision for me may not be the right decision for you. 
And I would never expect you to blindly follow my path, but I would expect you to respect my decisions.
So, collectively we have a choice.
We can wait until perfection is achieved.
We can take action to strive for perfection.
When I first got into Real Estate 15 years ago… I was told this analogy. 
‘Trying to time the real estate market perfectly is like trying to catch a falling knife.
You are either going to grab the handle or you are going to grab the blade, which will be a momentary inconvenience… ‘ 
and after years of personal investing and working with many investors I have added this…
And if you let it crash to the ground you have nothing! In order to be successful, you must take Action…
Perfection Awaits… we can either sit back hope it falls in our lap, or we can take actions to create our own perfection.
Photo credit to a friend of my cousin, who is pictured, who lives in Alaska… The backdrop as close to perfection as possible, created by nature!

Perfection awaits…There are two types of people in the universe.People that wait until everything is perfect…

Posted by Mark Borst on Thursday, May 21, 2020

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