One Way Mirror.

We have all heard the phrase, keeping up with the Joneses. But what does it really mean? They Buy a new car, so we feel the need…
It goes much deeper.
It starts early in life. By Kindergarten or First Grade, I would guess, kids start realizing that ‘Johnny has the toy I really want but don’t have’
…or the phrase I have heard many times as a parent. “EVERYONE has one!” or “I’m the ONLY one without”
Comparisons begin.
Why did Johnny invite Timmy over but not me? Why did Sally sit next to Timmy? Is Timmy better than me? Is Timmy funnier than me? Is… Is… Is…
We start to compare ourselves to others in all aspects of life. Even strangers. Even Instagram fakers.
Still in my 40’s the struggle is real. Being a competitive person, it is tough.
I have told myself for years, I don’t care what they think. This is who I am. Or this is how I do it. Sometimes this had lead people to say I’m full of myself or egotistical. But I would argue confidence is my motivator.
The Best at What, defined by who?
I already know I’m not the smartest in the room, I usually try not to be.
I already know I’m not the prettiest.
I already know I’m not the richest.
I am the best person I can be today.
Instead of looking in the mirror to compare yourself to others, what if we start comparing ourselves from one day to the next!
When I look in the mirror I see how I want the future of growth to appear. I’m going to be a better version of myself today vs yesterday.
I challenge everyone to do the same. Stop comparing yourself to others and just work on being the best individual you can be today!
PS. I joined a pull-up challenge from a Friend. The challenge is to be able to do 20 Pull-ups, uninterrupted, at the end of 8 weeks. And just for a little context, I have never been able to do more than one pull in a row…EVER. July 9, 2018, was day 1. If anyone wants to join the pain, PM me for details.

Is it really…

Conditioning the Mind.

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