Methods Matter

Some people complete Task A with Method A, and some complete Task A with Method B. The outcome of the Task A could be similar with both methods. But is the outcome equal?

Is One Way Better?

I have been thinking a lot about this lately.

With Xandru about to start his Junior year of High School, there is a lot of talk about college in our house. Xandru being in the top of his class, with high tests scores… everyone assumes he HAS to go to college. And Prior to the Fall of 2015, I would have said the same thing.

The people that are doing the hiring are complaining about the skills of college graduates. The industries that hire a huge number of people on a yearly basis are feed up… Yet these same institutions that charge huge fees still produce an inferior product.

Is There a Better Way?

In a recent article on The Hustle. They dissect a recent trend in office settings. The “open office” work environment is championed for encouraging interaction, collaboration, and openness…

The open concept can be traced back to Frank Lloyd Wright of the early 20th Century but fell out of favor in the 1960’s. Recently brought back, and all the rage. The Hustle article states that about 70% of offices are now open Office… in the same article, it sites a 15% decline in productivity, a 50% higher chance to get sick, and 60% of employees dislike it.

Is There a Better Way?

Could the successful people, that have college degrees, have been successful even without their degree? What about the people that never graduated from college that are successful, would they be MORE successful if they completed college?

Could some people be better suited to a Closed Office Setting? And Vice Versa

Is success dictated by your diploma?

Is success dictated by the area you call your office?

Is There a better way?

Method A vs Method B…

Method A, the way it is always done. The way that is cheapest in the immediate future.

Method B, the solution to a problem based on long-term strategies. The way that makes long-term economic sense. Viewing the same problem from a different lens.

Our short-term outcome may be similar with both methods. One has a solving our own problems the other we are being led down the “right” path defined by others.

THERE IS a better way. Each one of us has to find it for ourselves!


Methods MatterSome people complete Task A with Method A, and some complete Task A with Method B. The outcome of the…

Posted by Mark Borst on Monday, July 9, 2018

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