Just 5 Minutes…

Have you ever heard that?

Have you ever said that?

The loud throbbing sound piercing your ear… As your alarm is beeping in the background, you tell yourself just 5 more minutes! Sound Familiar. I know I often have that thought.

As you sit in your office, pecking away at the keys on your keyboard, a knock on the door. You look up and a co-worker says can I get just 5 minutes of your time? Sound Familiar. I know I hear that often.

As you sit in your living room at home staring at your phone, and one of your kids starts talking to you… you interrupt and say just give me 5 more minutes. Sound Familiar. I know I have been guilty.

Years ago, I read a book about multitasking and why you should not do it. How It doesn’t work and takes you longer to accomplish the intertwined tasks than if you did them one after another. There was scientific data and all kinds of “proof” of the theory. What steps can we take to accomplish one at a time?

Last month I finished a book called “Deep Work” by Cal Newport. The premise being that if you want to accomplish great things, we need to put ourselves in distraction free time blocks to be able to dive deep into our work… In a digital NOW world, how can we accomplish this?

Which brings me to the book I’m currently reading “Presence” by Amy Cuddy. The premise being that no matter what you are doing being present, focused on that one thing, the only thing is a must to achieve big things. Can you listen to someone talk without thinking about how you are going to respond?

So next time you say, “just 5 minutes!” what does that really mean? Who is it benefitting?

Just 5 Minutes…Have you ever heard that?Have you ever said that?The loud throbbing sound piercing your ear… As…

Posted by Mark Borst on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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