I Can’t

‘I can’t’

My ears cringe every time I hear my kids say that phrase.

My response is always the same “What if you Can” or “Why do you say that”

So, if you already know you CAN’T do anything more tomorrow than you can today – what is the point of existence.

Think about this… When we are born we are not able to walk, talk, control our body in any way. This is not because we can’t do these things, it is because we have not learned.

…When you are a baby is there really a need to walk? Our parents will generally get us from point A to B as needed.

As babies grow and start to see a world that is just out of their grasp, they start to figure out how to move towards these new things. Arm movements to grab, leg movements to crawl, eventually to walk and run. Just days, or weeks before the baby could barely stand up! There is no thought about walking, about what the muscle and ligaments have to do to start the proper leg movements… The goal is to get to this outside world and explore, to investigate. The baby has to fall down enough times to train their muscles to understand how to walk.

I’m not sure when it happens, the thought of “I Can’t” but we don’t seem to be born with it.

We have all been there in all aspects of life – Mind, Body, Business or Relationships. Truly successful people have figured out how to train the mind and keep exploring, pushing the limits, finding new adventures.

Currently, I am involved in a pull-up challenge The goal was in 6-8 weeks you should be able to do 20 pull-ups in a row. The difference in the 6-8 weeks was how many you could do prior to day 1… Well, I could NOT do a SINGLE pull UP.

I thought to myself, how in the hell can I do 20 when I can’t do a single one! After the first couple days, I thought how will I be able to do 1, EVER.

Something changed around week 3, in my mind, I was already doing it. I had imagined myself knocking out the 20 and how I felt about accomplishing it.

Now I’m six weeks in and I can report I am up to six consecutive pull-ups while doing 5 sets with little rest between. That’s a 600% increase in productivity on a single set and 3000% increase overall.

I’m actually impressed. I could NEVER do pull-ups ever! Being 6’4” over 200 pounds, I always made an excuse in my head about the science behind the leverage and, and, I just CAN’T.

I’m not going to hit the goal in the original timeframe( it is a group challenge and i don’t think any did), and I’m not going to stop either. I’m determined to put in the work to finish the task at hand. Reach 20 consecutive Pull-ups, no matter how long it takes!

I think we impose limitations on ourselves and our kids learn this behavior.

What if we didn’t tell our kids to ‘be careful’ all the time. What if we didn’t limit the things that they may fail at before they even start.

For all of us, young and old let’s replace the phrase ‘I can’t’ with the phrase ‘What IF’

‘I can’t’My ears cringe every time I hear my kids say that phrase. My response is always the same “What if you Can”…

Posted by Mark Borst on Thursday, August 23, 2018

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