Have I done my job…?

A Month into senior year at Mount Carmel and 40 days away from early admission deadlines.

My emotions have been on overdrive with all the decisions to be made by my 17-year-old.

Have I prepared my kids for life on their own?

Have I prepared myself to a life with kids out of the house?

Were the skills I taught my kids the right ones?

Have I taught them how to think on their own?

Have I taught them how to respect others?

Have I taught them to seek the answers to well-articulated questions?

Did I put them in the best learning environments?

Have I taught them how to care for their bodies?

Have I spent enough time showing them instead of telling them?

Have the decisions I have made for them over the past 12 and 17 years, put them in the best possible position for everything listed above and so much more?

Then when I’m deep in questioning if my methods have been an effective form of parenting… I get approached and sought out by adults,

And I never once have thought to myself… Oh great, what did my kid do now?

Adults, both known and unknown to me, often give our boys praise and admiration. They are impressed by what they see when they converse with my boys as to their ability to carry on an adult conversation and the fact, they are respectful.

Even though I joke with my boys… “You’re lucky they say nice things, or I’d beat your ass when we get home” … I probably don’t say thank you to them enough. It makes me proud!

Sure, we have made mistakes as parents along the way, and sure our kids are not perfect… but knowing that they have a good foundation to fall back on in good times and bad is worth the struggle.

It is heartwarming that the Hard work that Lisa and I have put into raising our family is off to a great start.

Have I done my job…?A Month into senior year at Mount Carmel and 40 days away from early admission deadlines. My…

Posted by Mark Borst on Saturday, September 21, 2019


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