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I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for going on fifteen years!

In December, I went into my local corporate store to add a line for Brogan. I was all ready to complete the transaction when a second associate comes and asks if I own a business and if I would like to switch my account over for the “benefits”.

After a few no’s, the sales rep continues to throw out this benefit and this benefit and it will be the same price you pay now! It will only take 15 minutes.

OK fine.

Two Hours later, I have my new line set up and I was ramrodded into switching over to a business account!

That was December 17, 2018.

Ever since I had had issues with my bill! This charge and that charge.

Since I now have a business account now… Customer Service Monday – Friday 8-8… real convenient!

…And I have no access to my account because the business account is a new account number and new login credentials. And when I try to activate the account, the only way is to get a call or text message to my office phone number…which is a VOIP with an auto attendant. Great!

So, I finally talk to someone with half a brain in March. We go over each of the past 4 bills, find out where the issues are and come up with over $400 in credits, he can see… but he has no authority and must call the store where the transaction took place.

OK, whatever you need to do, this has been over an hour!

I’m on hold for a few more minutes, he pops back on and says he is talking to the store now. He states that I will receive a callback, within 24 hours, from the store but he, the CSR will follow up with text to make sure everything was completed satisfactorily.

I ask… so the credit is on my account? He says the store will review that with you. Perfect.

… or so I thought.

At the time I had $399 bill that was due March 9th, and now I am expecting a $400+ credit.

OF COURSE, the store never calls back. – and honestly, I completely forgot about it.

No Call. No Text. No email. No NOTHING from Verizon!

Today, just as I was dropping Brogan at school, the internet on Brogan’s phone stops working. Not really thinking about it, as I was listening to a podcast and had my GPS going on my phone. OK, reset your phone.

He gets out, and I proceed to turn around to come home, I notice my phone isn’t working either. WTH is going on. I dial #611 on my phone and it says all circuits busy, halfway home #611 All circuits busy. I flip on a news radio channel, is Verizon network having issues? Nothing on news.

It clicks in my head, I never heard back from Verizon from last month! Hell NO.

I get to my office and pull up my account (the March CSR fixed this issue for me). I had the past due balance and no credit… Did they really shut the phones off?

Are you f’n kidding me?

Fifteen years, yes 15 years with Verizon… Never once had an issue like this. Has my bill been late before, I’m sure? But Fuck!

So, I pay the past due amount.

I then call #611 again.

OH, now it rings through!

I spend another hour on the phone, with a CSR and her Boss, neither of which has the ability to understand what I’m saying… they just keep repeating, your bill was late so…

Now on the phone with the supervisor, I ask how much it would cost me to break my contract with Verizon?

…. He actually starts punching in numbers on his calculator… and gives me a number!!

WOW, some respect loyalty gets you!

The conversation continues a little longer and it comes down to, no one on the CSR team has any authority to do anything, I have to go back to the store this started at and start over going thru this nightmare!

So, the saga continues.

Customer Service… is a lost art.

I know the customer is not always right, and the company is not always right.

But isn’t there a resolution to move the relationship forward in a positive way?

I know Verizon doesn’t care about my little account, but they SHOULD!

And honestly, I think the relationship is broken.

Customer Service…I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for going on fifteen years! In December, I went into my…

Posted by Mark Borst on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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