Perfection awaits…

There are two types of people in the universe.People that wait until everything is perfect before they decide to take action.andPeople that decide take action and strive for perfection.I don’t know which type of person is right, but I do know which person is more

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Signing Day

In the current climate of ridiculousness, some things are not normal, there are workarounds that can be adapted to accommodate the situation. Although the decision was finalized a couple weeks back, Today Xandru made it official…. Via a Zoom signing day. Xandru had a tough

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Perfunctory Praise…

Attending any parochial school, fifth grade was a rite of passage… you were finally allowed to participate in extracurricular activities, which included sports and band.Already playing soccer at the club level the sports was a no-brainer to sign up for soccer and basketball… but what

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