Aim for a Target

About a month ago, when Ryan France suggested we should do the 100 burpee challenge to begin preparing for our Spartan Trifecta in 2020, I was one of the first to say sure, I’m in… Within 30 minutes a handful of people were in and

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Our Thoughts…

For every day so far in the month of September, I have been flopping around on the ground completing my 100 burpees for the day. Each Monday we decided to benchmark test for our induvial results. Week 1: 16.54 Week 2: 13.24 Week 3: 11.08

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Lower your Gaze…

For the last 25+ years, my physical health has not been a priority.  Circa 2000, when I felt out of shape, I could do pushups and sit-ups for a week to tighten up my core and that would suffice for a while. Around the age of 40…

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I’ll do it…later?

I hear that from my kids constantly, and it drives me nuts! Why can’t they just do what I ask, when I ask? … unfortunately, I suffer from the same phenomenon. PROCRASTINATION I have spent a lot of time looking inward trying to ‘fix’ this.

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