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Historically politicians have used buttons in campaigns, dating back to George Washington.

The use and message have morphed over time, but the idea is the same. Please support my campaign to be elected for this political position and in exchange for your financial donation I will allow you to advertise my campaign and your support for my campaign on your lapel with this pin.

FUN FACT: Political campaign buttons have sold at auction for as much as $50,000… Could this button gain the same attention?

Politics is a crazy beast. In the 2016 Presidential campaign cycle, billions of dollars were spent to convince less than 140 million people that actually voted or about 60% of eligible voters.

Local Municipal races are no comparison in dollar’s, ego’s, polarization or even Turn Out.

Do you realize that local politics has a far greater impact on your day to day life?

In a recent article from a case study in Washing DC – “A paradox of the U.S. federal political system is that voters say national political issues are too remote from their daily lives, yet voter turnout is much higher for national elections than purely local ones. Local elected officials—mayors and city councilors, county supervisors and school board members—make decisions that profoundly affect the quality of life for their citizens. Local governments oversee hiring and pay for public school teachers. They determine how much new housing gets built in which neighborhoods. They make sure the trash is picked up and the snow plowed. And they decide whether to invest in sidewalk construction and maintenance, traffic signal placement, and speed limit enforcement—actions that affect the safety of anyone who walks, jogs, bikes, or scoots around their neighborhood.”

In 2015, the last municipal only election, conducted in Lake County Indiana only 15.2% of eligible voters came to either early voting or on election day. WOW

Every Vote Counts. It doesn’t matter your political affiliation. Get out and support your local politicians. These municipal races are typically won or lost by 100 or so votes. Can I depend on your support on November 5th, 2019

As Mastercard as so eloquently stated:

Donation for this First Edition Button $70

Rare Old political buttons $50,000

Voting in your local municipal election PRICELESS.

…There are some things MONEY can’t buy

Come hang out with me on March 18th from 6-8:30 PM at Ciao Bella to launch my campaign to become Schererville Clerk-Treasurer and the button unveiling!

Button OFFERHistorically politicians have used buttons in campaigns, dating back to George Washington. The use and…

Posted by Mark Borst on Thursday, March 14, 2019

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