Annunciate the Outcome Desired…

When I turned 16, I got my first job… Well, I had been working for years for Grandpa Ted, doing chores and yard work… but now into the real job market.

By 10 or 11, I was a regular in helping Grandpa Ted with yard work… or whatever he needed to be done around the house. Having four older cousins, I was fifth in line for the “manly” outdoor chores. The torch had been passed.

His instructions were simple. ‘Listen to what I’m telling you and do it as well as I could have done it myself… otherwise, why are you here helping me! And if you succeed, maybe I’ll ask Grandma to make you a sandwich.’

Ted was well connected through a large family and other local business owners in town. A true entrepreneur well before the term existed.

This first job was in a locally owned grocery store that operated 6-7 stores around town. I skipped the normal hierarchy of 16 yr. old’s and went straight to the produce department. With no work history and being young, why did I get to “skip” the line?

In the produce department, after 1-2 days of “shadowing” someone, I would get to work around 4:30 after school and overlap the produce manager or assistance produce manager until 5PM and then I would be the only one in the department until close at 9 and would be out by 9:30 or so. I had complete autonomy to get my assigned tasks done for the shift.

Most 16 yr olds, were baggers or stock clerks, who had immediate supervisors over them their entire shift. So how did I jump to the front and have some responsibility at a young age?

After I was working there about a month or so, my grandpa asked me how I liked it. Before I could answer… he said “you know, I vouched for you. I told John that you are dependable and trustworthy… Don’t let me down”

Not that that changed my behavior, but the fact that my previous accomplishments earned me something without me bragging…

At 16, I didn’t have this epiphany it was later in life after I became the boss that this became very evident that I received a huge gift of hard work from my Parents and Grandparents.

…This post got a little long, but I will continue why the importance to annunciate the desired outcome is so important in life

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Annunciate the Outcome Desired…When I turned 16, I got my first job… Well, I had been working for years for Grandpa…

Posted by Mark Borst on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Silent Growth.

The Concept is Simple…

Is it really…

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