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About a month ago, when Ryan France suggested we should do the 100 burpee challenge to begin preparing for our Spartan Trifecta in 2020, I was one of the first to say sure, I’m in…

Within 30 minutes a handful of people were in and it was decided to wait until the 1st of the September to start.

A day or two before the first, Ryan Fletcher decided to add some structure to the challenge.

Take a Before Pic… (optional to share but take it)

Each Day 100 burpees and report back to the group. Miss a day and you are out.

And on Each Monday… you need to do all 100 on a timer including rest… It didn’t matter if you could do it in 8 minutes or 80 minutes, time it each Monday to track your progress.

Before I started this, I had no expectation of… well, anything. I had never timed myself doing Burpees and my cardiovascular exercise was pretty nonexistent. So September 1 was the starting point.

Wk 1 Test – 16:54 and my body was cashed. I figured that if I could just cut a minute and fifteen seconds each week, I could get to 12 minutes by September 30th.

Then I started seeing some of my challenge partners hitting numbers like 6 and 7 minutes… WOW, even though it wasn’t about beating them… I’m still a competitor I needed to pick up my game.

Wk 2 Test– 13:09 no kidding, I blasted 3.75 minutes off my time… I guess I found a zone. But I was feeling it the next day. This correlates to a 22% improvement!

Even as my brothers/sisters are knocking out times that make me jealous, it is still strictly me vs me in the competition.

I got a little cocky and figured if I could see that much improvement in one week, I was sure to break the 10-minute time…

Wk 3 Test– 11:08 Nice, another 2.02 knocked off. And I beat my target set after week 1 test and improved another 15%.

Other people in the group are still seeing similar gains, a few in the 5’s… But still a mental game of me vs me.

Wk 4 Test– 10.06. SOOO close. I thought I was going to hit my 10-minute mark. I just missed it. I started off on fire, the first 25 in 1:19 seconds…. And I finished my last 25 in 2:06. Somewhere in the middle, my mind had me slow down. – The mind is a powerful thing, trying to conserve energy… can I overcome that roadblock and tell my mind, it is only ten minutes?

Week 3 to 4 another 9% improvement, but from the first test on the 2nd until the 23rd I have seen a 40% improvement. BOOM!

I know I have more in me to give, I just need to shave off those last few seconds to reach my target.

Wk 5 Test– September 30th is the final day of the challenge and the final test day. It also happens to be the day that I’m jumping on a plane to go see my fellow Story Athletes in Orlando.

I have started to plan my last test. It is not going to be ideal. I plan on dropping Brogan off at 7AM, going to a local park, filming my test and then driving to the airport for a 10:20AM flight. And I plan on being on at least a 12 hour fast. I will report back next week!

In a group chat about our burpees today, I stated this

“I was one of the first few to accept France’s challenge, but they when Fletcher put in rules and benchmarks… the game began.

Awhile back, I did a pushups / squat challenge over 3 months. With no benchmark, I did them leisurely thru the day and was more inclined to skip a day or two and then catch up the next day. No real mental growth was seen.

A target without structure is just a red dot in the ethos…

Build a structure around the target and let the transformation begin.

I look forward to the months/years of this grit training, and the mind/body/business/relationships that I will transform along the way.”

And then France replied

“you’re right, the benchmark is a game-changer. No one wants to show up and be the chump. Urgency and intensity is what makes all gains possible”

Society, in general, wants to have the easy road. To have it all and not put in the work.

These past few weeks have been a real eye-opener… I hate burpee’s, and I hate the thought of the struggle… but when I have shown up and done the work, look at the progress I have made in just a few short weeks.

I feel great after the workout when I have gotten in a good sweat…

And I have been much more productive during my days!…

And I’m rekindling my competitive edge!

A target with structure produces the desired result and more.

About a month ago, when Ryan France suggested we should do the 100 burpee challenge to begin preparing for our Spartan…

Posted by Mark Borst on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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